Notruf von unserem Sunrise Home Team in Nepal

10 bis 15 Kinder versorgen 


Vor einigen Tagen wurden 122 Kinder in einem erbärmlichen Zustand aus einem nicht registrierten Kinderhaus befreit. Die Kinder sind nun vorübergehend notdürftig über Kathmandu verteilt in Zelten untergebracht. SCAI wurde nun angefragt ob sie mindestens 10 bis 15 Kinder, die meisten von ihnen sind unter 10 Jahre, versorgen könnten. Für diese unerwartete Aufgabe brauchen sie unsere Unterstützung, um diese Kinder mit Essen, Kleidung, Medikamenten und psychologischer Betreuung versorgen zu können.


Der Notruf von Emma und dem SCAI-Team:
Urgent call for help to support children of Emergency Rescue
Dear SCAI Friends,

3 days ago, 122 children were rescued from an unregistered children's home in Kathmandu, after being found in appalling conditions.
The Central Child Welfare Board of Nepal (CCWB) facilitated the rescue of the children who are now safe in temporary shelters across Kathmandu. The children were without adequate food and many were suffering from wounds and illness.

CCWB has requested SCAI to provide a home for a minimum of 10-15 children.

Most of the children are below 10 years old, trafficked from remote areas of western and northern Nepal, including Nuwakot district where SCAI runs all of its projects. As is the case with 80% or more of the 16,000+ children residing in orphanages, children's homes or similar institutions, the children were enticed away from their homes with the promise of a better life and education. The poor families were charged huge sums of money by the owner to care for their children, and the children were torn from those they love.
 We need your support to be able to care for these children at Sunrise Home, until they can be safely returned to their families.

While providing counselling, medical care, food, clothing and a nurturing family environment at Sunrise Home, the search for their families will begin.
Every child has a right to be loved and cared for and grow up in a nurturing family environment. By joining hands with us today you will help us provide brighter futures for these children, as we have done with so many already thanks to your generous support.
Thank you sincerely
Emma and the SCAI Team


"Bringing a brighter future to Nepal’s children in need”